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Construction surfaces such as stones or concrete, are very complex and their protection requires an advanced technology.


In the last 10 years, extensive research has taken place and new technologies have been developed for the protection of construction surfaces. For example, the porosity of a stone may vary from 2% to 30% of its surface. It should therefore be obvious that the protection of surfaces can not be achieved by using a single particle type; materials that take such a naive approach are likely to be less effective.

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Optical microscope:

Typical surface of a stone

Our newly-developed technology focuses in 3 core areas:


1. Combination of Nano particles used in order to achieve thoroughly protection at various depths and across the different range of surfaces.

Arita Technology and function-02.jpg

2. Increased solid content of active ingredients which provides a durable protection as determined by ISO 3251.

3. Very low VOC content (less than 3g/L according to ASTM D 2369 for our water repellent) which provides Eco-friendly products.

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